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The Grey Bruce Animal Shelter (GBAS) is an independent, all volunteer, Registered Charity, reaching out to help animals who cannot help themselves. Serving the communities of Grey and Bruce, we are located just south of Owen Sound. At Rockford  we are east on Grey Road 18 (the Derry Line) and 3km south on Concession 8.
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Say goodbye to your unsightly litterbox. Order a Litterhouse and tell them you heard about it through the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter - you'll be thrilled with the product and we'll get a donation.
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We are at capacity - Please do not bring unwanted pets to the shelter without telephoning to make sure there is a space available!

We want to shout out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Nancy for once again organizing an outstanding event for the Shelter.

The second annual Snowshoe/Ski/Skijor day on Jan. 27th at Cornerstone Golf Club, Tobermory, was an amazing success with lots of participants and their wonderful dogs. Nancy blazed the trail for one and all to enjoy. Not only did everyone have a great time, but they raised a serious amount of money for the shelter which we appreciate so much.

Our sincere thanks go out to Nancy McAfee, her family and friends, all of  the participants and their pledgers as well as sponsors - Cornerstone Golf Club, The Ancient Cedars Cafe, McAfee & Sons Contracting, Peacock's Foodland, Ellen's Pet Supplies and V&S Stedmans.
We're sending out a BIG BIRTHDAY THANK YOU to David and Emily of Port Elgin who just celebrated their 8th and 5th Birthday. David and Emily were so thoughtful and asked their friends and family to make a donation of treats, toys and cash to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter in lieu of gifts! They came to visit us today to visit with the pets and give us their donations for our adorable pets.

Little Nipper loved the attention and can't wait to sample some of the treats!!!  They not only brought us goodies but proudly handed us an amazing $285.00 in donations. THANK YOU David, Emily, your friends and family members - we appreciate it so much.

We're sending a Big Thank You to Cassidy from Keppel/Sarawak School! On the weekend Cassidy and her family came to the shelter with tons of gifts for the animals which she had collected through the "NOBODY" school fundraising project.  During the period Feb. 25th - Mar. 8th Cassidy collected kitty litter, puppy pads, newspapers, cat & dog treats and rabbit & guinea pig food and treats.  She also brought us blankets, Canadian Tire Money and a cash donation. 

Here is Cassidy with just some of the things she brought for us. Thank you so much Cassidy, and your friends who made your project so successful.
I know you will all join us in wishing Lauren and Kate belated Birthday wishes. We are also sending them a BIG THANK YOU ... at their combined birthday party Lauren and Kate ask friends and family to make a donation for the Shelter and for the Hospital in lieu of gifts for themselves.

The girls received Birthday kisses from Li'l Nipper as they proudly gave GBAS their donation of $250. We appreciate it so very much Lauren & Kate.
On May 4th Erik celebrated his 12th birthday and with the help of his friends donated $45 for the animals at GBAS.   Great job Erik & Friends!!!  We are truly privileged to have such wonderful young people in Grey Bruce. Thank you so much!
We are sending a great big THANKYOU / MERCI - to the Grade 2 French Immersion Class at Dawnview School in Hanover who on June 25th Joan, Marg and Linda had the honour of visiting with the Grade 2 students in their classroom to accept a presentation and to share some experiences at the Shelter.  What an incredible experience it was and the students soon engaged us with their own pet stories as well as enquiring about what we do at the shelter and what kinds of animals we look after.

One of the students had been selected to present a cheque to us in the amount of $226.48 for the Shelter.  This is an overwhelming achievement and so much love and work went into their fundraising project.  We'd like to share with you the presentation speech - it was spoken with a great deal of  pride and achievement ....
" Our class sold cookies and bracelets to raise money to help animals. We would like to give this money to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter so that they can keep doing all of the good work with animals in our area".

The children worked all year long on this fundraiser and it is so very much appreciated. 

Merci:   Sarah, May, Elisha, Anna, Makinlee, Tyler, Liam, Nick, Kyle, Kaylee, Cole, Jacob, Saxori, Kayla, Gabrielle, Cody, Oscar, Sada, Christie, Josh, Spencer  and  Madame McGivern & Mme. Stockland for making
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We're sending a great big THANK YOU to Aaron Lindsay who visited the Shelter today.

Aaron is a Grade 3 student at the Spruce Ridge Community School in Durham where, as part of his "Class Nobody Project", Aaron asked his classmates to participate in a coin collection for the pets at the Shelter. We are so thankful to Aaron and his classmates for thinking of us and we are proud to accept their donation of $67.25. Thank you so much ... what a great achievement and the Shelter appreciates it very much.
November 29th, November 30th and December 1st at "UNLEASH THE PAWSITIVE" in Port Elgin.

eh elle photography + Design is holding Holiday Dog Photographic Sessions
$25 per session : 15 minutes :  photo print release : 10 edited images on disk

AND  the Shelter will receive $5 for every session! There will also be a pet food/toy drive so please donate an item for the shelter.
The sessions are 6:30pm-9pm on Nov 29 and 30  and 1pm-4pm on Dec 1st - to book a session please email ehelledesign@gmail.com or call 519 706-2337. Order Christmas cards by visiting the eh elle Facebook page.
All the 'hubub' over Christmas was put into perspective today when we had a visit from Emily!

Emily is just 4 years old and she wanted to make Christmas special for the animals at the shelter and she did just that. She emptied her piggy bank and brought her whole year's savings. Emily proudly handed us FIFTY-FOUR DOLLARS AND THIRTY-ONE CENTS plus a beautiful picture which she coloured for us. Thank you so much Emily.

We really do have a lot to be thankful for at GBAS and wish to extend our thanks to everyone who has supported the shelter throughout the year - it's been busy and great and together we have helped re-home so many pets in need.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2014!
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The spirit of giving this Christmas Season has been overwhelming and continued today when we had the pleasure of meeting 11 year old Eastyn. Eastyn checked our "wish list" and brought a large bag of goodies including paper towels, a beautiful blanket, treats and $20 for our pets. 

Big Girl was helping check out your gifts and sends a slurpy Thank You on behalf of everyone at the shelter. Merry Christmas Eastyn! 
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WE ARE SHOUTING OUT A VERY LOUD THANK YOU ... to Melissa MacKinnon and Andrea Little of Port Elgin for their fundraising campaign during the month of December. Melissa of  Unleash the Pawsitive and Andrea of  Eh Elle Photography & Design donated $5.00 from every Christmas pet photo taken during the promotion and also asked for a pet related item to be donated. We received a huge box full of "goodies" and toys for our shelter pets plus more than $50.00. Thank you Andrea, Melissa and your clients for this most generous donation.
Please join us in sending a Big THANK YOU and Birthday wishes to Emily & David. For David's 9th Birthday and Emily's 5th Birthday, friends and family were asked to give a donation to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter instead of buying them presents.

David & Emily proudly presented us with an envelope today containing $400.00! Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.
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Kaylee L. of Hanover recently celebrated her 8th Birthday. We are sending Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to you Kaylee and a Great Big THANK YOU.  Kaylee wanted to do something to help the animals so she decided to ask for donations for the shelter in lieu of birthday gifts from her friends. Kaylee didn't stop there .... she won first prize in a drawing contest at the Hanover Fall Fair last year and also donated the prize of a large bag of pet food to the shelter. Kaylee raised $105.00 for the shelter and her prize winning drawing of a Zebra hangs proudly on our bulletin board. Thank you Kaylee (and your friends) for giving so generously - you are an inspiration to us all.    
Please join is in sending Birthday Wishes and a BIG THANK YOU to Carter R. of Williamsford. Carter just celebrated his 10th birthday and for his party he made a very handsome donations jar to collect funds from his friends and family. He proudly presented us with his jar containing $45.00!

Thank you so much Carter - all of our dogs, cats, fish, turtles & little bunny Buddy really appreciate your thoughtfulness.  We enjoyed your visit very much.
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We had such a great time on Sunday when Jorja L. brought her "nobody" doll to visit the shelter. Jorja participated in the character-building Nobody Programme at Dawnview Public School in Hanover.

Jorja also brought some wonderful gifts for the pets at the shelter and here she is pictured with Genevieve, little Maggie and Buddy surrounded by the gifts. Thank you so much Jorja - we appreciate it very much!
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We'd like to send out belated Birthday wishes and a big THANK YOU to Hanna M. from Paisley. Hanna celebrated her 13th birthday in April and in lieu of birthday gifts, Hanna asked her family and friends to donate to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter.

And the grand total of gifts donated was ... DRUM ROLL PLEASE ... an incredible $230.00 raised for the animals at the Shelter! Thank you so much Hanna.
Thank you Pedigree, Walmart and our "hardy" volunteers who battled the wind and rain keeping the tents from blowing away during the Pedigree Adoption Drive in Owen Sound.  Sadly, it was impossible to display any promotional items.

But, despite the weather the event was successful and the dogs were happy to come out of the warm and cozy vehicle to greet the shoppers!

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A ROWDY ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE ... for David and Emily of Port Elgin, and their family and friends. In January David celebrated his 10th birthday and Emily her 6th and at their Birthday Parties they asked for donations to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter instead of gifts for themselves!

What an amazing surprise for us when they visited on Sunday and presented us with $500.00 and a large bag of dog food. Thank you soooo much - we really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

This dynamic duo has done it again...  On Sunday, sisters Bronwen and Chandler Perry of Meaford visited the Shelter to present us with an envelope containing over $1,000.00! This is the second year that they have baked cupcakes to raise funds for the pets in our care.

They baked and sold more than 500 cupcakes. What an incredible thing to do. Thank you so much girls, and of course thank you to your hungry customers!
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We would like to send Birthday wishes and a BIG THANK YOU to Allie of Owen Sound. Allie recently celebrated her 8th Birthday and asked her friends for gifts to pets at the shelter rather than for herself.

Allie had some help from her sister to bring us all of the gifts she received. Thank you so much everyone!

We were excited to meet little Theory and her sister Mado at the Shelter last weekend. Theory turned 3 years old and donated items and money in lieu of gifts at her birthday party. Theory raised $156.00 and a big box of goodies for the pets at the Shelter.

Thank you so much Theory! Everyone sends Happy Birthday hugs to you.

Summer wouldn't be summer without BBQ's, Fundraisers and Garage Sales
AND GBAS has a line-up of events you won't want to miss.

  • Our summer fun kicks off on Saturday, June 20th when the Pet Feed Mill is holding a BBQ and fun event for the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter. There will be lots of activities including raffle prizes, door prizes, good food on the BBQ, pet treats and more. The fun starts at 10am and goes until 3pm - at that time the Grand Prize will be drawn - yes, the BBQ itself will be raffled -- and it's only been used once!

  • On Wednesday, July 1st GBAS will be at Owen Sound's Hottest Yard Sale Under the Sun with some great buys.

  • On Saturday, July 18th GBAS will be holding a Garage and Tail Gate Sale at the Shelter - 10am until 2pm. There will be lots of great things to buy at the Shelter plus ... we are offering a parking space for you to bring your own items to sell from the tailgate of your vehicle for a small donation to the Shelter of $10.00 per vehicle.

  • Also on Saturday, August 15th Foodland is hosting a BBQ Fundraiser for both the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter and the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. This will be held at the Foodland's West Side store in Owen Sound.

Hope you can join us for some of these activities
and we'll keep you posted as new events are planned.

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Aug 6, 2015 - These Super Sisters have done it again ---- We are sending Happy Birthday wishes and Big Time Thank You's to Mado from Clarksburg, who celebrated her 6th Birthday and asked for gifts and donations to the Shelter instead of gifts for herself.

As you can see, Mado, with help from little sister Theory, brought tons of goodies for the dogs and cats at the Shelter plus over $180.00 in lieu of birthday gifts. The girls also had time to help out at the Shelter by doing some valuable cuddling with our newest baby kittens. Thank you so much Mado - Happy Birthday!


We are excited to be part of the Pet Valu National Adoption weekend on October 3rd and 4th.
Please join us at the Owen Sound Pet Valu and meet some GBAS Shelter pets. 

*  On Saturday October 3rd from 12noon until 4pm Pet Valu will be offering nail trimming $10.00 cash with all monies going to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter. 

*  Pet Valu will also be celebrating itís 4th  Annual THANKS FOR GIVING event for the whole month of October by collecting food and supplies which will be donated to the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter and Feral Cat Rescue.